PooladVarzan Kimia Industrial Group in the 15th International Oil and Gas Exhibition

The fifteenth international exhibition of professional equipment in oil, gas and petrochemical industries and the exhibition of health and safety in the industry were held from September 12th to 15th 2022 in the Fars Permanent Location for International Exhibitions in the city of Shiraz.

This important exhibition was held in area of 6 thousand square meters with the participation of 76 leading domestic and international companies. In this event, many leading manufacturing firms in oil, gas, and petrochemical and related equipment industries from all over the country were present.

As before, the Pooladvarzan Kimia Industrial Group also participated in this exhibition and introduced and present its industrial products. The products attracted attention and were admired by many professionals and visitors.

In addition, educational workshops and professional sessions and meetings were held within this event.

We wish the hardworking professional members of the Pooladvarzan Kimia Industrial Group health and to reach to the highest levels of scientific and industrial progress in this country.