Poolad Varzan Kimia at the Universal Chemistry Day meeting

The improvement of industry-academia relationship is added to Pooladvarzan Kimia Industrial Group’s agenda.

In memory of universal chemistry day (Mole Day), a convention named “from Mole to Ton was held in the great conference room of the Azad University, Shiraz Pardis’ chemistry department on Aban 30th 1401 (November 21st 2022). This convention was attended by a group of interested students from related majors such as chemistry, oil, polymer, …  Also, faculty members of the chemistry group namely Dr. Ghaedi the president of Azad University, Pardis Branch, Dr. Zolghadr the head of Fars Science and Technology Park, Dr. Nejabat the head of industry-university relationship unit, the head of chemical engineering, oil and polymer research center participated in this event.

In addition, a scientific meeting was held at the same time to award a selected number of excellent faculty members and university members and it was welcomed by the participants. The participation and cooperation of the number of industry leaders, entrepreneurs added to this event’s richness and encouraged attending professors and students.

Pooladvarzan Kimia Industrial Group’s main objective in this event was to improve the industry-academia relationship and to provide the creative members of knowledge-based industrial sectors as well as professors and students an opportunity to demonstrate their latest scientific achievements.

During this event, the Pooladvarzan Kimia Industrial Group CEO presented the company’s strategies to improve the industry-academia relationship and mentioned: this important goal is part of our main plans in the mid and long run.

Engineer Mohsen Khodakarami the CEO also mentioned: if this relationship becomes institutionalized and persistent, both academia and industry are going to benefit from its results, and we plan to actualize this connection as a contribution to the talented youths of our beloved homeland.